Back Pain

Upper Back

If you experience: pain, muscle spasms (mild/severe), stiffness, discomfort, tightness, blurry vision, sinus pressure, headaches on the back of the skull, general headaches, decreased range of motion, pain traveling to your shoulder, pain traveling to your mid back, general irritability, moodiness, fatigue, or lack of stamina.
You might suffer from:
Subluxation complex
Pinched nerve due to a bulging disc or a herniated disc injury to the nerve itself
Lack of oxygen supply to the muscle
Demineralization of muscles/Fatigue syndrome
All these symptoms are treated by chiropractic.
Call us immediately.

Mid Back

If you experience: stabbing pain in the mid back, sharp pain around the rib cage, loss of motion, or painful motion, general discomfort, or muscle weakness or aches.
You might have:
Subluxation complex
Rib misalignment
dysfunctions due to mechanical stress
Or it may be referred pain from your organs.
It is essential to call for a check up.

Lower Back

If you experience: muscle stiffness or spasm that’s making you lean to one side, muscle weakness that makes you feel detached from your body, you can’t move because of pain, pain that radiates to the side of your back, buttocks, or down to your knees and ankles, you can’t stand or sit for a long time.
You most likely have:
Arthritis or Sciatica
Nerve root compression sprain or strain
A budging, herniated, protruded or prolapsed disc
Facets syndrome known as joint dysfunction
All these symptoms may be alleviated with chiropractic by removing the subluxation complex.  This will improve posture and balance keeping joints in alignment therefore maintaining healthy discs and nerves.